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Lesson 13: Bird of Paradise (DVD)[DVD_L_13]

Lesson 13: Bird of Paradise, Crow and Pine

In this 2 hour class Henry presented a three learning methods in flower and bird Chinese brush painting. (*To join Henry Li's online Chinese brush painting class, please click here . )


This video class are composed of three episodes from the 5-day live workshop in Los Angeles. In the first episode I try to teach the students some basic principles of composition which should be developed first in painting of live Bird of Paradise flowers. I did several demo to illustrate the idea of selective observation while painting from the natural flowers in a "cut branch"(??) style of Traditional CBP, or the Xiesheng????or painting from life approach.

The second part of the video is a copying painting of Crow and Pine in front the original by master Zhang Zhengyin. In Chinese painting this method is called "Lin"(?) - to copy with the original near by or in front of you.
The third part of this class is a "to copy from memory " exercise. I did a white Bird of Paradise painting with the inspiration of a nice banana painting by another artist without looking at sample painting while I paint my own.


1) Please follow the instructions in part one to select an ideal 3-line composition(see PDF attachment) and keep that in mind to do a birds of paradise painting either form real flower, from silk flower or from Google pictures.

2) Copy the Crow and Pine painting by Master Zhang with the image in front of you(see JPEG attachment).        

3) Do a painting with bamboo and banana leaves afte*This is the Download version. Click here to order the DVD version .r a  sample painting but without looking at it during the painting process.


*This is the DVD version. Click here to order the DOWNLOAD version .


Here is a trailer of this 20 hour video class:



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