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Lesson 22: Carp and Goldfish (DVD)[DVD_L_22]

Lesson 22: Carp, Goldfish and Snakes


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This lesson on carp fish, goldfish and snake are is inspired by the Chinese year of water snake and the pices in western astrology, and by students' requests. In this 3.5 hour class I will teach you some fundamental skills in brush loading and strokes in a hands-on manor, as a new student doing her practices in a live workshop with me. Try those pressure strokes in your painting drills and see your brushstrokes improve almost instantly as Rebecca does in front of the camera.


Video Length: 2 disks(3.5 hours)


1) Watch video Part 1 and make a painting with carp fish in ink and colors.  

2) Watch video Part 2 and do a snake in free-style, or semi-elaborated style;

3) Watch video Part 3 and compose a five gold fish painting with water plants. 


Diagrams and finished paintings seen in the video are included in the handouts.


 This is the DVD version. Click here to order the Download version. 


Here is the the introduction part of Lesson 22. Enjoy!


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