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Lesson 30: Horses (DVD)[DVD_L_30]

Lesson 30: Horses


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Happy Horse Year! We will start the new year by painting horses - the symbol of success and victory. First, you will learn some basic techniques from ancient and temporary masters; second, you will study the real horses by live sketching. In the end of this lesson you will be able to express yourself in free-style horse painting!


Video Length: 2.0 hours


Demos and Assignments

1) Please study horses painting techniques according to the handouts. Use a light pencil to trace draw some control notes first and then paint with an ink brush; 

2) Live drawing or sketching. Please try to see real horses if possible or search horse pictures and videos as models;

3) Paint a galloping horse or running horse with a mood of freedom. You may draw some thumbnail study before painting on rice paper but try not to limit yourself with your plan. Please keep your mind open to other possibilities and happy accidents in the painting process.

A horse painting reference book is available at BHA:


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Here is the trailer of Lesson 30 on YouTube.

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