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Lesson 36: Water Lily (download)[MP4_L_36]

Lesson 36: Water Lily

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This lesson took two thousand miles and two workshops to complete in two cities: Portland and Los Angeles in July 2014. First, I started with a plein air painting session with beautiful water lilies in Lan Su Chinese garden; followed by a studio class on both Mogu and Xieyi styles simultaneously on sized and unsized Xuan paper. Back in LA, I completed this water lily series with a Gonbi style painting workshop and dry-mounted it on a silk scroll. If you are still confused with the different styles and papers mentioned above, please join this lesson now! 


Video Length: 2 Hours



1) Study live or pictures of water lilies and try to observe the similarities and differences between lotus(Lesson 10) and water lilies.

2) Watch Part 1 and Part 2 and try to do a Xieyi style water lily on unsized paper. It is recommended to copy master Chang Zhengyin's water lily painting(you may omit the flying lark if you are not ready to paint the bird.) Suggested steps: large leaves->flower petals->calyx and stem->stamen->Veins,small leaves and duck weeds->water.

3) Watch Part 2 and Part 3 and paint a Gongbi(fine-line) or Mogu(boneless) stye painting on sized Xuan paper. You may combine fineline and boneless styles, or do a pure Gongbi or Mogu painting. 


Diagrams and finished paintings seen in the video are included in the handouts.


.  This is the download version. Click here to order the DVD version.


Here is part 1 of Lesson 36. Enjoy!


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