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Long Bristle Badger Hair Brushes L/S[Badger_2]

The badger brush is made of a kind of rugged bristle, similar to the mountain horse brush; its stiffness allows for bristlelike strokes but has a great paint-carrying capacity. Its extra bristle length provides a wider range for multiple tonalities or color loading and flexibility of making cursive lines and rough textures, so it is a favorite brush to paint vines of wisterias or grapes, rocks etc.

Two sizes available: 


Bristle length: 2-3/8"(6cm), diameter: 1/2"(1.4cm); handle length: 9"(22.5cm);


Bristle length: 1-7/8"(3.9cm), diameter: 7/16"(1.2cm); handle length: 9"(22.5cm)


Both Both [Both_Badger] $65.00 Quantity :
Large Large [L_Badger] $39.00 Quantity :
Small Small [S_Badger] $29.00 Quantity :
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