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Mood Seal #499 To Empty my Mind[mood#499]


The content of this pre-carved mood seal is a Chinese idiom, 澄怀(Cheng Huai), "to empty my mind"*, which is good to use on landscape Chinese brush painting as a mood seal.


*Zong Bing( 375 – 443) was a master of Chinese landscape painting, who wrote the earliest text on landscape painting. He wrote that “Landscapes have a material existence, and yet reach also in a spiritual domain."  “As I'm getting old and sick, I'm afraid I can't travel the famous mountains again. I can only empty my mind and look inward to realize the true meaning." He painted the landscapes of where he has visited and hang around his house so he could lie down in the bed and watch the landscape paintings as if travelling in person. 


Size: 1-1/2"(4cm) x 5/8"(1.5cm); H: 1-1/8" (2.8cm)

Material: Qingtian Stone

Storage/Gift Box: Brocade Silk Box (included)


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