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Mood Seal #425 Rhythm of Vitality[mood#425]

The characters on this pre-carved mood seal say "Shen Yun" (神韵) meaning the rhythm of vitality or spirit, It refers to the resonance of music or the spirit of painting objects etc. You may use this mood seal on either carefree or detailed style of painting that unveils the spiritual power of the subject matter. 


神 - god, spirit, divinity, expression, supernatural, magical; 

韵 - rhythm, resonance, clink, the extension of a music or ink tone.  


Size: 1-1/8"(3cm) x 9/16"(1.2cm); H: 1-1/2" (4cm) in rectangular shape(see picture)

Material: Qingtian Stone

Storage/Gift Box: Brocade Silk Box (included)


Carved in relief style by Guanghai Xiang with special request and commission by Henry Li.  


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