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Mulberry Paper #2D Pi/Kozo (38x74) x 10 X-large sheets[pizhi#2D]

Sold in bundles of 5, 10, 20, or 50 (please see quantity price list below).  

Same weight(34gsm) as mulberry #2, made of mulberry tree inner bark with long strands of kozo fiber, which differentiate it from Mulberry Paper #1(without long stringing fiber);

Known as the Yun-long or "dragon-clouds" paper, it is translucent white, PH neutral and archival, works well with most water-based art media including watercolors and fluid acrylics. Semi-sized, resists bleeding and shows color brilliantly, appropriate for painting landscapes, animals, plants and flowers, etc. It is very durable for split brush painting, finger painting, wet-washing, mounting and marbling techniques.

Perfect for brush painting or sumi-e, and also good for calligraphy, mounting, rubbing, stamping, kite, lantern, window covering, collage etc.

Large Sheets size: 74"(188cm) x 34"(86cm), 34gsm(same weight as Mulberry #2A but larger size.)


Take a Tour to the paper mill in Jing County, Anhui, China with Henry and Victoria. 

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