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DVD - Paint Blue Herons in Chinese Watercolor[Herons_DVD]

Blue heron is the first class I would give you if you just begin to learn Chinese brush painting. I have developed it into a my trademark style over the years of teaching in painting these most elegent birds as you will see in these teaching videos. This DVD includes ten painting tutorials in the serie on "How to Paint Blue Herons."  


1) Blue Heron and Cattail in Sumi-e Chinese Painting  (2007)

2) Chinese Brush Painting Basic Lesson 1:1  (2007)

3) Chinese Brush Painting Basic Lesson 1:2  (2007)

4) Blue Heron under Wipping Willow (2008)

5) Blue Heron in Autumn Pond  (2007)

6) Dancing Cranes in the Snow (2011)

7) Blue Heron w/ Cherry Blossoms (2007)

8) Blue Heron with Splashing Water  (2007)

9) 2 Herons in 3 minutes!  (2007)

10) A Blue Heron w/ Hibiscus - Good Omen  (2007)

Extra: The Original Hand Drawn Logo of BHA (2010)


time/length: 138 minutes



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