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Painting Squirrels Step-by-step with Henry Li(Zoom recording)[zoom_Class_May30]

This is a downloadable recording of the following Zoom Lesson.
 Dates and Time:
Saturday May 30
3:30-6:30pm Pacific Time
(6:30-9:30pm ET, 11:30pm-2:30am London) 
This paint along Zoom class will be lead by Henry's step by step demos on various classical and contemporary subject matters from landscape to birds and flowers, as well as fish and animals.
He may also answer your questions about painting techniques and materials with demos.
There will be details guide on on how to paint pine trees and rocks, flower petals and leaves etc
according to the style types from the Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting or the best masters such as Bada Shanren, Xu Wei, Shu-chi Chang, Fu Baoshi, Chang Daichien, Qi Baishi, and Wu Zuoren.
You may request any particular subject matters after the registration and those with popular vote will be taught with high priority while all requests will be taken into serious consideration.  
Individual attention to all levels from beginning to advanced. During the live painting demo Henry will teach you about the paper and colors he is using, type of brushes and painting technique. Please email Henry with reference pictures if any prior to the class. It could be a masterpiece you want to copy, or a photography of a place, a flower, or a bird etc. If you don't have any references please just tell Henry what subject matter you want to learn.
Due to the length of workshop, we will mainly work in free-style painting, instead of detailed style. Each workshop will cover 2 or three subject matters. 


*  Supplies List: If you are new beginner just get the

    the student kit

**Here are some of the concepts Henry will cover:

1.  "Idea comes first (also known as "With a complete bamboo in mind")
2.  "Idea complete with absence of stroke"
3.  "Count white as black" (arranging the negative space)
4.  Line quality metaphors ("Leaking stains", "Stick drawing on sand" or "Bite of Woodworms"

5.  "Boldly starting, carefully ending" and stop at 70%!

6.  "The wonder is in between resemblance and dissemblance"
7.  "Distinction of Five Tonalities of Ink."
8.  "One stroke painting."
9.  "Seeking Stone" Theory.
10."Principles of composition:
        The Chinese "Golden Rule" (entrance and focal points) 
        Two and Three Lines Composition.
        H,S,C and M-shaped Compositions
        Signature and Seal Placement
Especially for Landscape:
11. Dragon Vein
12. Opening and Closing


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