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Plain Backing Paper for Dry Mounting cut to order by the yard[backing_paper]


Size:  It comes in a 18", 27", or 36" Wide roll and we will cut to the length(one yard = 36") of your order. 

Weight: about 42-45lb(75-80GSM) *** 

This archival backing paper is made to work with the silicone mounting film for dry-mounting.* It is as heavy as double Xuan rice paper that is traditionally used in wet-mounting of scroll as back support. It is very strong to hold the silk and painting together, yet to maintain the flexibility of a rolling scroll. 100% cotton, it is PH neutral(acid-free), in pure white color. **



*It does NOT come with silicone film. You need to order silicone paper separately if you have not ordered silicone paper before. 

** It comes with a rough inside and a shining outside. Although the rough side is the "right side" you may also use the smooth side to mount on if you will. 

*** The 36"W paper is slightly thicker than the smaller ones.  




18W 18W [backing_paper_19.5] $6.50 Quantity :
26W 26W [backing_paper_25.5] $9.99 Quantity :
36W 36W [backing_paper_36] $12.99 Quantity :
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