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Plain Backing Paper for Dry Mounting(sold by yard)[backing_paper]

Available width 19.5"(50cm), 25.5"(65cm)  

This professional backing paper is specially made to work with silicone mounting paper for dry-mounting.* It is as heavy as double Xuan rice paper that is traditionally used for scroll mounting. It is very strong to hold the silk and painting together, yet to maintain the flexibility of a rolling scroll. 100% cotton, it is PH neutral(acid-free), in pure white color, with a rough inside and a shining outside. It comes in a 19-1/2" wide roll and you can order the length by the yard(36"), so you will never need to combine pieces of backing paper again.


*It does NOT come with silicone film. You need to order silicone paper separately if you have not ordered silicone paper before.  


Size: 19.5", 27", or 27" Wide and you may order to the length you need by the yard. 



19.5W 19.5W [backing_paper_19.5] $5.49 Quantity :
25.5W 25.5W [backing_paper_25.5] $8.99 Quantity :
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