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Practice Basic Chinese Calligraphy with Victoria[DVD_Strokes]

In this 1.5 hour DVD Victoria teaches you how to write the basic strokes of regular script of Chinese calligraphy.

1. Brush Holding

2. 24 Basic Strokes

3. Whole Characters: People(Ren), Sky(Tian), Earth(Di). Woman(Nu), Son(Zi), Good(Hao), Love(Ai), Peace(He), Family(Jia), Center(Zhong), Harmony(Xie), Dragon(Long), Tao(Dao)

4. Grinding Ink

5. Write a Tang Poem

6. The Eight Principles of "Yong"(eternity)

Victoria started to learn how to write Chinese calligraphy at a very early age from her parents, who were both Chinese literature professors. She graduated from the Chinese literature and language department of Nanjing University and taught Chinese as a second language in Grinnell College, Western Washington University, and Pomona College.

This DVD is suitable to beginning level Chinese calligraphy and painting lovers, and Chinese students.  

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