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Practice Guzheng Chinese Zither with Victoria DVD[Zither_DVD]

Victoria started to learn playing Guzheng since January, 2013. In this one hour DVD Victoria showed her 18 practices from the first to the seventh month with following titles:  
Yellow River Tune
Jasmine Flowers

                3)Picking Tea Leaves

                4)Beautiful Flower under Full Moon

                5)Crane Triumph the Cloud

                6)Flowing Stream

                7)Kangding Love Song

                8)Fisherman's Lights

                9)Prelude to the Melody of Water

                10)Tear of Lady Xiang

                11)The Return of Fisherman Boat

                12)Yellow Land Tune

                13)Yangtze River Flow to The East

                14)Full Moon and Beautiful Flower

                15)Respect - Shaanxi Folk Song

                16)Moon Trinidad Send Acacia

                17)Miao Spring

                18)High Mountain Flowing Water



These Chinese musics are perfect background music for your calligraphy and painting practices.


Victoria was born in a teachers' family and she has learned 6 music instruments including violin when she was a child. Guzheng is her seventh music instrument to learn and she has devoted 3-4 hours every day to practice it since January 10, 2013. Let us congratulate her! Thank you for your continuing support!   


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Practice Guzheng Chinese Zither with Victoria CD