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The Principles of Composition in CBP(Download)[MP4_Composition]

This recorded live workshop discuss the fundamentals in Chinese Brush Painting - the principles of composition. I taught this class in a live workshop in Sept 2013 with a group of international student. The painting examples range from orchids, lotus flowers and landscape to gold fish. You will learn the basic concepts of negative space arrangements, unity and contrast, as well as how to place your signature and seals to complete the painting composition. 


Part 1: Two and Three Lines Composition

Part 2: Triangles, Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Part 3: S and C Shaped Compositions

Part 4: Signature and Seal Placement


1.5 hours


Handouts including all the diagrams.


Here is part one video:




This is the DOWNLOAD version, click here for the DVD version.  


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