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Unsized Single Xuan Rice Paper X-Large Sheets 38x70[38x70_Unsized-Xuan]


"Purple Moon" brand, handmade, Single ply, Sheng or raw(unsized) Xuan(shuan) paper is handmade in Jing County, Anhui Province, where the best Chinese Xuan paper is produced. In pure white and firm texture, this particular type of Xuan paper is known as Yu-Ban or "jade-plaque." When light ink is applied on it, the ink would get rich tones, kept fresh but not turning gray; when watercolora are applied, it would show mellowness but not stiff; smear smoothly, with good absorbent capability. It is good for both calligraphy and painting, perfect for painting free-style flower and birds, figures, animals and landscape painting. I would strongly recommend it to experienced watercolorist and advanced sumi-e students to try and see what authentic Chinese Xuan paper is.

Large sheets at size 38"x70" (sold in bundles of 10 sheets bundle. See below for pricing with Free domestic shipping.)


Seeing is believing, here are some video clips showing how I use this kind paper to paint(it was the 27x57 version in the video).




x1 x1 [38x70_Unsized-Xuanx1] $15.00 Quantity :
x20 x20 [38x70_Unsized-Xuanx20] $200.00 Quantity :
x5 x5 [38x70_Unsized-Xuanx5] $60.00 Quantity :
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