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General Wang's Calligraphy Brushes(S/M/L)[Wang_Xizhi_Brush]


Made by master Xu Laosan, this fine stiff brush is designed to write Chinese calligraphy or kanji characters, especially the style created by General Wang Xizhi, the well-known Chinese calligrapher who wrote the famous "Preface to the Orchid Pavilion Gathering Poems" in the Jin Dynasty. 

Made from a mixture of wolf hair and rat whisker bristles with a very sharp tip. It is good for standard, semi-cursive and cursive calligraphy. You may also use it to paint bamboo, flower stems and leaf veins, or tree branches. 


Small: Bristle length 1-1/4"(3.2cm), diameter 5/16"(0.8cm); handle length: 9"(23cm)

Medium: Bristle length 1-3/8"(3.5cm), diameter 11/32"(0.9cm); handle length: 9"(23cm)

Large: Bristle length 1-5/8"(4.3cm), diameter: 3/8"(1.0cm); handle length: 9"(23cm) 


Made by Master Xu Laosan


Product Review by a Customer:


"Hi Henry,

I thought you would want to  know that this brush:

 is wonderful for a variety of things, especially Kai character writing. I find you have the best calligraphy brushes and this one is perfect for me right now. It has good body but the tip is soft enough that it doesn't resist too much. Resistance (too much stiffness) is helpful for beginners like me but can be a problem doing hooks. This one is really outstanding. 

I am going to let my teacher and other student try it tomorrow. If they like it I might order more.



Calligraphy did with this brush by a Chinese calligrapher in South Korea: (see picture below)

"I am absolutely enamored with your Wang Xizhi brush. Above is what I have done with the brush already. By the way, your 7 wolf 3 sheep brush is much better than any of the Korean brushes I have been using.  "

- Aram Lee
**It is Robert Sherrill's favorite set of brushes used in all his watercolor painting classes. ** 

All 3 All 3 [Wang_all_3] $110.00 Quantity :
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Medium Medium [Wang_Me] $40.00 Quantity :
Small Small [Wang_Sm] $30.00 Quantity :
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