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Chang Daichien to Picasso Legendary Killer Brush

Chang Daichien to Picasso Legendary Killer Brush[Picasso-Brush]

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I had this brush on my wishlist for quite a while. I had never bought a calligraphy brush that had a percentage of synthetic bristles in it. But Henry's products are always high quality and I finally made my order. I am so happy with it: the construction is tight and accurate, the bristle barrel is perfectly rounded, the bristles are closely spaced and the point is wonderful. Whatever the percentages are of synthetic to ox hair, it has been made with great care and intention. This brush springs to life and responds to the qualities of both paper and ink beautifully. At first I thought maybe the handle was just a tad thin, but I was wrong: balance is excellent, the weight of the brush settles in the fingers nicely and the length keeps sensitivity very well in cursive mode. If you're looking for a first-class quality brush for cursive work especially consider this brush.
by Craig Turner Date Added: Saturday 08 July, 2023
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