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Sakura Chinese Painting Color - Gamboge / Yellow (12ml)[Tube_Gamboge]

This fine color is made in China by a Japanese joint venture for Chinese brush painting. It comes in a graceful and steady hue of color in fine texture. It is made with a new artificial binding glue, instead of using the traditional animal glue, with outstanding preservation stability. Unlike the other brand, Sakura Chinese watercolor glue does NOT leak, overflow, or gets dry in the tubeIt is permanent and lightfast, and water-resistant after drying. Beautiful Chinese painting colors made from traditional pigments.  It can be used with watercolor, gouache, gongbi, sumi, ewa-enogu, and thangka paintings. It can be applied on rice paper, mulberry paper, hemp paper, watercolor paper, silk, canvas, wood or drywall etc.       



1x 12ml tube


24 colors set available.

Gold color available.

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