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Sheep Goat Hair Biff Mop Brush[Suan_tou_gu_bi]

This specialty brush is replicated after the Tang dynasty style of ancient Chinese brush. This  Chinese "biff" makes fine tip-centered stroke when the brush is held perpendicularly , and as the brush is held at a slant position, both tip and the heel of brush will touch the paper simultaneously  to make solid side brush strokes. This special brush is traditionally handcrafted with the finest soft sheep or goat hair so it holds large amount of water while maintaining a fine point. This brush may be used as a mop for broad watercolor wash strokes,  or it will point up for delicate, fine works.


Brush Size: 2"(5cm)  length;  diameter 13/16"(2cm);Handle  length:  9-1/2"



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