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Sheep Hair Flo Brush for Painting Flower Petals[SheepFlo]

This Sheep Flo brush is a classic sheep hair Brush designed for painting flower petals such as cherry blossom and chrysanthemums. It is made of sheep or goat hair with a sharp point. When held at a slant position, the entire brush side can be used to apply color or washes with smooth strokes. It can load more moisture than the wolf hair brush does. It's a good idea to use separate brushes for different colors or ink. I would keep this brush exclusively for my flower petals, while using a soft-stiff combination brush for leaves and stems.  

A basic brash to have for sumi painting or calligraphy .


Brush Size: 1-1/8"(3.0cm)L x 1/4"(0.5cm)D; 9"(23cm)  

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