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Sized Single Xuan Rice Paper without mica 27x18[sized_med_stonebridge]

*Sold in bundles of 10, 50 , and 100 sheets. See prices below.

  • Shou Xuan or sized Xuan rice paper. An alum-glue solution was applied as size  onto the raw Xuan paper to make it none-absorbent.
  • A smaller version of the large single weight sized Xuan

  • It is made for Gongbi (elaborated style) Chinese ink and watercolor painting. 
  • You can also use it for or mogu (bone-less style) or semi-spontaneous Lingnan style(See the sample plum blossom painting done by Henry Li).  
  • Some landscape artists, such as Zhang Daqian, also used sized paper with pouring ink and color techniques.
  • The paper has got a nice white color. There is NO sparkle or glitter mica.
  • Traditionally handmade in Xuan county, Anhui province, China.
  • PH neutral and archival, and weights slightly heavier than single Xuan.

Paper Size: 27"x18" or 68.5cm x 45.5cm

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x10 x10 [sized_med_10] $15.00 Quantity :
x100 x100 [sized_med_100] $120.00 Quantity :
x50 x50 [sized_med_50] $70.00 Quantity :
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