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Tang-style Goat and Rabbit Hair Combination Fine-line Brush[Chanzhi]

7/8"(2.2cm) long, 3/8"(0.9cm) diameter; Handle: 9-1/4"(24cm) 



This special combination brush was used by the Buddhist monks for writing the elegant sutra scrolls discovered in Dunhuang Buddhist caves from the Tang Dynasty. On the inside, there is a hidden hardcore made of a special absorbent material as a raised ferrule to hold a small brush tip of stiff rabbit hairs(see picture below); and on the outside, there are the soft goat hairs to load ink. It is designed to do fine strokes with a long lasting ink flow. It is good for writing small character calligraphy, or for Gongbi fine-line painting. The bamboo brush handle is quite thick for a steady grip. 


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