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Triple Xuan(shuan or shuen) Rice Paper 27x54 87GSM x5 Sheets[triplexuan]

This unsized, handmade, triple ply Xuan paper is specially ordered for those of you who favor multiply Xuan such as "double xuan" rice paper. In cotton white and fine texture, it is suitable for painting colorful flowers and birds, animals, and landscapes.  Triple ply Xuan is more absorbent and less smearing  than single ply Xuan rice paper. It works great for both beginning student and experienced watercolor artist, sumi and Chinese brush painting artists.


The best part I like it is it does not require further mounting. What I do is I would tape around the edges on a drawing board so it would not buckle, as in western watercolor papers. As a backing paper this triple-ply Xuan paper is perfect for both dry and wet mounting as a strong backing paper. 


For printing, this triple-ply xuan workd great with Giclee printer, screen printing, etching, wood block printing etc. To see for example, artist johnny's beautiful lamp cover design printed on our triple Xuan paper.  

Sheet size 27"x54"(68cm 138cm) Weight: 87GSM

*Check our bulk price and save up to 30%


Limited edition. Specially handmade with rice straw  and wild vine bark fibers in Jing County, Anhui Province, China.


Seeing is believing, here is a video clip for you to see how it works.





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