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Li Weiqing's Four Gentlemen Paintings(E-Book)[LiWeiqing]

Li Wei Qing (1909 - 1997), formerly known as Shuzi, known by his style name Weiqing,  also Preserving Youth Old Man in his late years.  He was born in Nanjing. In 1927 he graduated with honors from the Jiangsu Province Normal University in art major. During this period, he was under the tutelage of of Huang Xueming, Xie Gongzhan, Xiao Junxian, Liang Gongyue, Ma Wanli, etc. to learn Chinese painting. In 1944 he held a co-exhibition with Huang Junbi in Chongqing, Guo Muruo, Yu Yu-jen and other celebrities came to watch the show. In 1958 his flower paintings were published in form of a postcard album together with Qi Baishi by the People's Fine Arts, issued to overseas by the international bookstore, printed seven times due to popular demands. They have therefore won the reputation of the "Northern Qi South Lee ". Since the early 1950s, he suffered political persecution and was dismissed from public service until 1980 when he was vindicated, to restore public work. Li Weiqing's life was with ups and downs, suffering a lot of woes. He lived a reclusive life in his later years, specializing in Painting, and eventually became a great free-style painter. In flowers, birds, landscapes, figures, calligraphy, he all had high achievement. His impressionistic flowers and birds, made of "shape concise with suggestive ideas, ink-free and transcend natural, express true feelings and high level of the mental image, perfect beauty with minimalist ink and color," are with a distinct personality. He has many special contributions to the use brush, ink, water, composition and more. A number of his paintings are mind-opening. He is another peak of the free-style flower and bird painting in the 20th century China. In recent years, Li Weiqing has gained a high degree of recognition among art collectors, and his followers started to grow day by day.


Personally, I love his chrysanthemum the best, and his orchids, lotus, wisterias, peony, and roses are all very inspiring. 


This eBook contains 40 pages of plum, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemum masterpieces by Li Weiqing in high-quality color plates.





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