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Window-free Blank Silk Hanging Scroll 13"x 40"[WF_Scroll_13x40_Gr]

This blank silk brocade hanging scroll is window-free with a open middle panel at 13-1/4" x 20-3/8" in white color silk brocade. There are dowel knobs at the bottom for easy handling, storage or hanging. You may easily attach a shikishi board, or dry-mount a Chinese brush painting onto it(see Henry's demo YouTube video below). The best function of this silk scroll is that you can change or rotate or change the display content as often as you want. 

Silk Colors: Shinning Green + Off White (See picture)

Overall Scroll Size: 13-1/4" x 40" 
Mid-panel Size: 22-3/8"x 13-1/4" in either horizontal or vertical orientation. 

Fit 9 1/2" x 10 3/4" shikishi board in either horizontal and 1 vertical orientation,  or any artwork equal or smaller than the mid-panel.  

*Due to the nature of scroll, some waving is common when it's just unrolled and it will become flatter after hanging for a while.  


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