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Wrinkle-free Japanese Silk for Gongbi(sold by Yard)[sized-silk]

This heavyweight 100% silk is made for fine-line or elaborate style Japanese or Chinese painting. 

Unlike the traditional sized Chinese silk it will NOT wrinkle or bulking with wet painting techniques, so you need not stretch on a frame or mount on a board with tape.

This none-bleeding silk will not smear with wet painting but the excessive moisture will penetrate through to the underneath padding so I would put a wool felt under it to paint. You may also paint the back side with gouache and opaque watercolors. Suitable for all water-based media such as watercolor,  acrylic ink or liquid acrylic etc.   

Two colors are available: pale champagne and white. Both are translucent and you may trace your design with lightbox. 

Please select your color when ordering.


Made in Japan


Width: 35"(88cm)

$90/per yard 35"(88cm) wide x 36" (91.44cm) long


Pale Champ Pale Champ [Japanese_Silk_CH] $70.00 Quantity :
White White [Japanese_Silk_Wh] $70.00 Quantity :
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