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Zhu Yanmo's Cloud and Mist (Vol. 2)[Zhuyanmo_Book2]

This is the second volume of Zhu Yanmo's neo-Fu clouds and mists book. There are two subject matters in this book: First, the misty landscapes as we have seen in vol. 1 and our Lesson 19. Second, Mr. Zhu has expanded his horizon into lotus and painting subjects in the same technique as he has developed in his Fu Baoshi-style landscape painting. It is not sold in bookstores. You will find it very helpful in your learning of his misty painting techniques. 


Read my article "An analysis of Zhu Yanmo’s painting Style"(see attachment below). 


Page: 48

Dimension 787mm X 1092mm

Publisher: Hantang Jiugong Culture Inc., Beijing

Publishing Date: 06/2017



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