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Zoom Private Lesson with Henry Li by the Hour[henri_lesson]

Via Zoom Henry will teach you how to paint Chinese brush painting in various styles. You may use your smartphone, i-pad or a computer with a webcam for the private video lessons. Beginning to advanced in this virtual hand-on class.     

1. Brush Holding, Loading and Different Strokes;

3. Basic Chinese Calligraphy: how to write Your Name in signature style or any other text for inscribing your painting. 

4. Using ink, colors and other mediums such as peach sap or gelatin glue, and alum; 

5. Principles of composition and aesthetics;

6. Subject matters: Flowers and birds, animals, landscape, figures or portrait, you pick it;

7. Xieyi(spontaneous), Gongbi(fine-line) or Mogu(boneless) style as you prefer.  



$75/per hour 


Flexible day and time.  You may order more than one hours per session or split one hour into half. into Please contact us if you have any questions.  

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