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Mulberry Paper #2B Pi/Kozo Thin (13.3x26) 10 sheets[pizhi#2B]


Made of long strands of Chinese mulberry (kozo) fibers, Mulberry Paper #2B Pi/Kozo Thin is a translucent white paper that is incredibly strong despite its thinness. At 23gsm, it is 30% less in weight compared to the regular version of Mulberry #2A. This paper is PH neutral and archival, making it a durable choice for a wide range of art and craft projects.

The smooth surface of this paper is similar to a Japanese gampi paper, while its decorative white fibers are reminiscent of the Japanese unryu paper. This makes it perfect for dyeing, stitching in layers, chine colle, and painting with most water-based art media, including watercolors or gouache and fluid acrylics. The paper is unsized, absorbent, and shows ink tonality and color brilliantly. It is also very durable for wet-washing, dyeing, and collage.

Semi-sized (sized only on the smooth side), Mulberry Paper #2B Pi/Kozo Thin is ideal for Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting, as well as for calligraphy, mounting, rubbing, stamping, kites, lanterns, window covering, chine colle, and more. This translucent and stringing paper is perfect as a collage rice paper to add texture interest to a painting done on rice paper or to create more depth on regular watercolor painting.

Each sheet measures 13.5"x26" (23gsm) and is sold in bundles of 10, tri-folded in a plastic bag as shown in the picture.

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