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Recording of Cymbidium Orchid Gongbi Painting Workshop with Victoria[Orchid_Class]

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This is a recoding of  Cymbidium Orchid Gongbi Class with Victori Li

Date: October 31, 2023 

Duration: 3.5 hours

Cymbidium Gongbi Painting Class: Unveiling the Ink Treasure (墨寶秋香)

Celebrating Art and Elegance Join us in celebrating the publication of the “Artful Orchid 2024 Calendar” by Victoria, with a special focus on the Mo-bao orchid. This flower, deeply symbolic and exquisitely beautiful, stands as a testament to the enduring elegance of one of the Four Gentlemen of Chinese art. 

In this exclusive workshop, Victoria unveils the art of silk painting, the very canvas that breathed life into her calendar artworks. Silk’s ethereal translucency elevates the artistic process, offering an allure that transcends the innate elegance of thin rice paper. The fabric’s resilient nature invites artists to layer colors liberally, unfolding a visual narrative rich in depth and nuance. Every stroke on silk initiates a dynamic dance of colors and textures, where each piece emerges as a harmonious symphony of visual poetry and tactile sensation. 

Silk painting, though recommended, is optional. Beginners or those not yet ready to venture into the world of silk can gracefully execute their artwork on sized Xuan papers. 

Embark on this artistic journey where tradition meets innovation, and where each brushstroke is a dance of colors, breathing life and meaning into art. Witness the harmony of Gongbi painting and Chinese calligraphy intertwining to create a masterpiece echoing the silent yet profound narrative of the Mo-bao Orchid – a treasure inked in time, an aroma that lingers, and a beauty that is eternal.


Supplies List (Costs not included in the class fee. Click links to order):

  1. Non-absorbent Sized Xuan Paper
  2. Sized wrinkle-free Japanese silk (optional) - Painting size: 11.5"x11.5". One foot equals to 3 piece.  
  3. Brushes: Seven-wolf-three-sheep brush, 3 Japanese-style Fine Point Liner Brushes
  4. Basic brushes
  5. Marie’s 12 color tubes
  6. Ink

Additional Class Details Upon registration, participants will receive the Zoom access code and class handouts will be emailed to you on the weekend before the class. The workshop will be recorded for unlimited future viewing, and participants will have the opportunity for email critiques on their finished pieces.

Note on the Poetic Title Phrase "墨寶秋香": "墨" (Mò) translates to "ink" and symbolizes the depth and richness of color and the profound beauty emanating from it. "寶" (Bǎo) means "treasure," signifying the valued and revered nature of the orchid, akin to a gem. "秋" (Qiū) translates to "autumn," representing the season in which this special orchid blooms, embodying the elegance and grace of fall. "香" (Xiāng) means "fragrance" or "scent," indicating the uniquely enchanting aroma that the Mo-bao orchid emits. Together, "墨寶秋香" (Mo-bao Qiu Xiang) eloquently paints a picture of an "Ink Treasure" that blossoms in autumn, emitting a "King of Scents" fragrance. This phrase is not just a title but a rich, sensory experience capturing the essence of the Mo-bao orchid - a dark, treasured bloom of autumn, endowed with a fragrance that has been admired throughout the ages. The phrase weaves a tale of natural artistry, where visual and olfactory splendor unite, echoing an ancient appreciation encapsulated in contemporary artistry.


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