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Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting with Henry Li Zoom Recordings(2023)[Thursday_Class]


Title: Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting - In-Person or Online with Henry Li

Discover the artistry of Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting with our specialized course this late fall. Choose to join us in person at the Joslyn Center, Alhambra, CA, or immerse yourself in the learning experience online via Zoom or YouTube.


Mark Your Calendar!

Every Thursday from October 12 to December 21, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT/PST. (We’re observing a pause on November 23rd to relish the Thanksgiving celebrations, and remember, the time changes from PDT to PST on November 5th!)

Course Overview:

Embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Classical Chinese landscape painting. Master the revered techniques of ancient visionaries, and weave the elegance of contemporary styles into your artwork, bringing to life the serene beauty of trees, rocks, mountains, waters, and mists.

Designed for artists at all stages of their journey, our course offers individualized attention, ensuring that every brushstroke advances your skills. Each session is prepared with comprehensive handouts to provide essential materials and insights.

In-Person Learning Experience:

Step into the Valencia Room at the Joslyn Adult Recreation Center, located at 210 N. Chapel Ave., Alhambra, CA 91801. Revel in hands-on learning, engage with fellow artists, and receive immediate feedback in a creatively charged atmosphere.

Enroll for the in-person experience via the City of Alhambra’s Rec1 platform: Leisure Class Catalog under Leisure Classes. 

Online Learning Journey:

Engage in live sessions via Zoom or revisit the class at your pace with recorded sessions on YouTube without time limit. Enjoy the liberty to submit your artwork via email for personalized critiques, nurturing your artistic growth from the comfort of your home.


To embark on the online journey, simple add the course to your shopping cart, and proceed to check-out.

Further Information:

For questions, scheduling conflicts, or late registrations, we extend a warm welcome. Our commitment is to nurture your artistic journey, unfolding a world where art, culture, and creativity converge. 

Unleash your creative potentials and delve into the mesmerizing world of Chinese landscape painting. We cordially invite you to an enriching experience, weaving together timeless artistry and contemporary elegance.

Chinese Brush Painting Supplies Checklist:

3-5 Chinese Painting Brushes: Begin with a basic set of a soft brush, a stiff brush, and a small detail brush. Explore a diverse selection here.

Sumi Ink: Opt for bottled liquid ink or ink cake for convenience. Traditionalists may prefer an inkstick and inkstone, available here.

Rice Paper: We recommend semi-sized Xuan rice paper and mulberry papers for beginners, available here.

Watercolor Paints: Marie's Chinese painting watercolors or traditional color chips can be found here. Artist quality watercolor or gouache is also suitable.

A Palette and Two White Ceramic Saucers: Essential for mixing and holding your paints.

2 Water Containers: For rinsing brushes and clean water.

Felt Pad: Opt for white or light-colored synthetic or wool felt pad. Available here.

Paper Towel or Hand Tissue: For blotting and drying brushes.

Brush Rest: Preserve your brushes and keep your workspace tidy. Find options here.

Paper Weights: Secure your rice paper in place while painting. A variety of options are available here.

Seal and Red Ink Paste (optional): Start with your initials and consider ordering a personalized Chinese name seal from me later.

Student Value Package:

For your convenience, a curated student value package with all essentials is available here.

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