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Commission of a Portrait from Photo[Portrait]

Portrait from Photography (size: 9.5"x12")

Have you ever thought of having a portrait of yourself or your loved ones done in CBP? You may order a painting in either a fine-line or gongbi or Xieyi spontaneous style portrait. Just taking a snapshot with a smart phone or a digital camera and send to Henry and he will impress your friends and family with a vivid portrait painting!    


The Work Flow

1)Take a digital photo of the person or yourself, or finding a good picture from your past albums. Henry will posterize it in PhotoShop it in PhotoShop. If the light source in the picture is from one side with proper shadows and contract, he may need not to edit it in PS.  He will make a contour drawing with pencil. Then draw a fine-line portrait with dark ink. 

2) After the contour drawing he will add gray shading and if that is not not enough he can also apply skin color wash to it, Special attention is paid to the eyes and necessary details that reflect the personality and spirit. We should stop at 50-70% before you think it is finished.  


Here is a  trailer of this process. 


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