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Gongbi Liner Brush Made by Master Xu (Second Edition)[gongbi_liner]

This specialty "Gongbi" liner brush is a combination of stiff and soft hairs made by Master Xu Laosan in Nanjing, my hometown.  

The sheep soft hair on the outer layer serves as a reservoir and the rat whisker stiff hair core with Long and pointed tip make it a superb outliner brush in the gongbi fine-line style painting. Also good for free-style drawing and sketching.  


Brush Tip: 1-7/16" (3.5cm), 3/16"(0.4cm) diameter ; Handle:  9-1/8" (23cm)

*Inscription says "Jingzhi Gongbi" (Refined detail brush) and "Xu Laosan" the brush maker.

(second edition specialty brush)  


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