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Henry Li's Chinese Painting Class Video(24) DOWNLOAD[Download_L_24]

Lesson 24: Daylily, Rose, Bird of Paradise, Japanese Bridge and Plexiglass Landscape 


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Day Lily in Chinese is called the "forgetting-worry" flower, as a symbol of filial devotion to one's mother. I did this live workshop class in celebrating the Mother's Day of 2013. Other garden themes we painted in this class are rose, butterfly and hummingbird,  BOP flowers,  plus a Japanese wooden bridge with blooming cherry trees. I'm really happy to share this in-person class with all my online students, thank for the four wonderful students in May 2013 workshop.


Video Length: 2.5 hours

1. Symbolism of Day Lily flower in Chinese culture, learn from master Zhang Zhenyin's painting

2. Plein air painting: Rose and Bird of Paradise 

3. Landscape painting: Japanese Wooden Bridge 

4. Landscape Painting: inspired by Plexiglass Monoprints


Diagrams and finished paintings seen in the video are included in the handouts.


 This is the Download version. Click here to order the DVD version .


Here is a YouTube preview of Lesson 24. 

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