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Lesson 55: Dogs (DVD)[DVD_L_55]

Lesson 55: Dogs

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"What do you think is the most difficult thing to draw?" a guest painter was asked by the king of Qi. The artist answered:"Dogs and horses are the most difficult to draw." "Then what is the easiest thing to draw?" followed by the King. "Ghosts are the easiest to draw," the artist said. "People are familiar with dogs and horses, which they see every day, so dogs and horses are the most difficult to draw. As to ghosts, no one has ever seen them, so one can draw them any way one likes. " Therefore, this lesson is one of the most difficult lessons and as a matter of fact, it took Datong Xu, our guest teacher, four attempts to have it done. You will see the uncut versions of all four demos of the new year's dogs with Datong, plus two dog portraits painted for Leasha as our farewell gifts. ;



1) Watch all four demos of Datong's "Auspicious snow brings prosper new year of the dog" and draw some sketches on scrap paper with pen or pencil before you paint on rice paper(unsized Xuan or mulberry paper are preferred).  It is a good idea to study both Datong's sketch as well as the finished paintings. 

2) Watch Lesson 55 part 4 and 5 videos and paint one or two dog portraits from photography. Do not try to copy the photo exactly. Use it as a reference but concentrate on the spirit but not the appearance such as marks. Do some pencil study to get familiar with the dog image first and use your sketch instead of the photography as the reference as you paint.


Diagrams and finished paintings used in the video lesson are included in the handouts.


.This is the DVD version. Click here for a download version.


Here is the intro to this lesson. 


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