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Lesson 54: Monoprint with Plexiglass(Download)[MP4_L_54]

Lesson 54: Monoprinting and Wet Mounting with Plexiglass

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This lesson, Monoprinting Techniques for Landscape and wet mounting techniques with plexiglass, was conducted as a live workshop with Henry Li in Sen Diego.


This workshop presented several techniques for creating organic, natural backgrounds for a landscape, seascape or other scene. This was about creating a spontaneous, Zen-in-the-moment painting, of letting go. Once the monoprint is printed, a minimum of ink and watercolor is added to complete the composition. The paper can be crinkled before and during the process. Both sides of the paper can be monoprinted. Pinch out the dried monoprint with fingers and paint tops of crinkles for contour and texture of mountains, or rocks.


Henry's long-time YouTube follower Cliff Brown demonstrated his method of the dreaded wet mounting, followed by Henry Li demonstrating his method. They were similar, and both emphasized using the Plexiglas as the drying base (rather than wood or other flat surface), working the painting as little as possible, and going slow and steady. Very informative!




1) Create some plexiglass monoprints without any brush painting;

2) Finish your favorite pieces with minimum brush painting and touch-ups. 

3) Wet mount your painting with plexiglass as instructed in the video.


Diagrams and finished paintings as seen in the video are included in the handouts.


.This is the Download version. Click here to order the DVD version .


Here is the intro to this lesson. 


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