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Lesson 32: Xieyi Landscape (DVD)[DVD_L_32]

Lesson 32: The Creative Methods of Xieyi Landscape Painting with Prof Kang Yuyi


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This is my first collaboration class with my old friend/colleague Prof Kang Yuyi at Nanjing Univ. He is the founder of "art-geology," which perfectly combines his scientific knowledge in geology and artistic passion in landscape painting. In this lesson he took us through a virtual field trip to the scenic Yangtze River bank in Nanjing and then created a Xieyi expressionistic style landscape painting on a full sheet of Xuan paper, while he explained the history and techniques of Xieyi landscape painting in the whole process.


Video Length: 2.0 hours


Demos and Assignments

1)1) Please study the creative process and painting techniques of Prof Kang and make a painting of Yangtze river with the inspirations from this video demo from from his other geological paintings(see his website). 

2)2) Please follow the steps you have learned in this lesson to create a landscape painting based on a scenic spot in your home town or a famous landscape in your travel experience. Please submit photos of your inspiration and your creative painting based on them.

Here is the trailer of Lesson 32 on YouTube.



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