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Cicada Wing Sized Xuan Paper for Gongbi Painting 27x54.5[cicada_xuan]


Introducing our Cicada Wing Xuan paper, a traditional rice paper that is highly recommended for Gongbi style painting artists. Measuring at 27x54.5 inches, this paper is as thin and delicate as a cicada wing or shell, hence its name Chan Yi, or "cicada wing". However, it is also incredibly durable and can withstand multiple washes without developing a fuzzy surface.

To ensure non-absorbency, we have applied alum as a size, which prevents bleeding and smearing of ink or colors. Additionally, the surface has been treated with mica mineral powder, creating a subtle sparkle in the sun or under strong light, and adding delicate effects to the ink and colors.

This PH neutral and archival paper is perfect for Gongbi (fine-line or elaborated) style Chinese brush painting. It can also be used for painting green and blue or Southern Song Dynasty style ink landscapes.

Our Cicada Wing Xuan paper is sold in bundles of 5, 10, 20, or 100 sheets, and is traditionally handmade. Choose your desired quantity before adding to your shopping cart. Experience the beauty and durability of our Xuan paper for your next painting project.

x10 x10 [cicada_xuan_10] $50.00 Quantity :
x100 x100 [cicada_xuan_100] $380.00 Quantity :
x5 x5 [cicada_xuan_5] $28.00 Quantity :
x50 x50 [cicada_xuan_50] $220.00 Quantity :
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