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Portable Piston-fill Pocket Brush Pen A20[BH-A20]


This pocket version piston brush pens are suitable to fill with ink, liquid watercolor or just water. The top of brush handle is a piston knob that controls the piston-filler and adjust the flow while using. The exterior of these brush pens is like a regular fountain pen. The metal cap is now comes with a "stop click" inside to prevent from crashing the brush by over-pushing. The cap may also serve as an extension to the handle, more secure than the original version. Its compact fountain pen design makes it easy to carry around. Great to work with ink, watercolor, half pans, watercolor pencils, soluble crayons, and pastels.  


100% synthetic bristles which simulate natural tips of animal hairs that gives the brush a pointed tip. It will bounce back to its good shape and fit into the metal cap easily. It comes with a piston-filler which you can load with water, liquid watercolor or ink as you prefer.


Synthetic Wolf Hair Brush(A20): 


Brush Tip Size: 9/16"(15mm)L, 3/16"(5mm)D; Length(capped): 5 1/2"


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Please make sure to washed off the glue before using as with any new brush you buy. Main care tip for the water brushes would be to clean and drain them before storing them when they are not going to be used for a while. Tip: use a traveler's toothbrush case to carry or store may keep the moisture from spilling and drying.



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Compare our Piston-filler Brush Pen with other Refill Cartridge Brush Pens:

 BH Piston-filler Brush Pen  Refill Cartridge Brush Pens
Refill Cost Low High
Flow Control Control by piston knob   No control device


Similar to traditional calligraphy brush hairsMost made of nylon or gell tip, hair brush ones are extremely expensive. 

Designed for Sumi-e

or Calligraphy

 Yes No


Product review:


"The brush pen is really like an actual brush. It feels very much like a natural I mean. It makes amazing accidental flowing lines, and no more worries of being dried out or too much inks flowing because of the piston.
And the hair tip feels like made with almost full of natural hair that keeps the original shape and sharp point of the tip by smoothness
And also, it doesn't need any expensive special ink :). Just like an actual brush that I can draw outside too.

This brush pen is very creative, and useful that I would love to recommend to other drawers. You know what? Actually one of my professior who teaches perspective class actually asked me what pen I was using. "

 Drawing1  drawing2   drawing3

Junghoon Lee, a Korean art student
@ Pasadena Art Center, California

Update (October 2011):

There is a new type of waterbrush on the market now by Blue Heron Arts that uses a piston filling mechanism. It comes in both a long model for painting at home and a portable pocket version (in the photo below) which has me excited because it is so portable and looks good in the pocket as well.

The bristles look and feel the same as soft traditional brushes, so you can use many of the same techniques you could do with a regular brush which are not so easy with stiff white bristles on the squeeze type waterbrushes mentioned above.

The piston also gives you better control over the water flow, even to the point of stopping the flow completely for dry techniques, and you can turn it with one hand alone by grasping the end knob with your little and ring finger and rotating the barrel with your thumb and index finger. You can also post the cap and turn it, which will then turn the knob, but I prefer to use it with no cap posted because it seems better balanced and easier to handle that way.

One draw back is that the piston takes up so much room, this pocket version will run out of water before you can finish an average size sketch. But it is perfect for trading card size sketches (ATC and ACEO) as well as postcard size sketches. Of course, you can also take a few waterbrushes with you to make sure you don't run out of water.

Although you can turn the piston with one hand, use two hands to uncap the water brush barrel don't try it with one hand because it can snap the pen in two. I know because I did it!

These waterbrushes come in two tip sizes, the larger one (model number A20) is a good general size for small sketches, and the other one (model number A10) has an even smaller point, similar to a brush pen, and I suspect it was intended detail work or even filling with ink to use as a brush pen. I ordered one of each, used them for a week, and then ordered a few more of the model with the larger tip (model number A20) since they are inexpensive and it's good to have a few in my bag.

I took this photo after I had used the brushes daily for a few weeks.

The one problem I have encountered with these is the fact that water can come out the sides of the black plastic section that holds the bristles. There is a some kind of air vent on the larger of the two, and two vents on the smaller one. They don't seem necessary, and caused water to come out the sides when I wanted it to come out the tip. After I plugged them up, the flow was much more predictable, and these brushes do exactly what I want, and work like a dream. I used J-B weld since it was handy -- it's dark gray and barely visible in the photo (every handyman should have a few tubes of J-B Weld sitting in a drawer somewhere).

The maker says to fill these by pointing the pen downward and submerging the tip in a glass of water, but I'm lazy, so I just hold them upright under a faucet with running water and turn the piston knob to fill up the barrel. That works well for both piston and squeeze type waterbrushes.


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