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Custom Design and Carving Name Seal Mood or Image Seals[00carving]


*Seal stone and red ink is not included with this service. Please take a look at our pre-carved seals too. 

Henry Li will personally design and carve your seal in the USA for you as seen on Youtube.   

This service includes:

1. Create an authentic Chinese name for you based on the sound of your English name and selecting Chinese characters with good meaning. He may also create a mood seal content for you based on your ideas. Image seals are also possible.

*If you want both image and words in one seal, the cost will be double. 

2. Design your name chop or mood chop in the classical seal scripts. You will preview the seal designs in digital form before it is carved on the stone so there is no surprise;  

* Due to the nature of stone seal, other handwriting styles, such as standard, cursive, or semi-cursive are not possible to use, unless it is a single character seal.   

**I will not design any round shaped seal by request because it is very restricted (That's why 99% traditional name seals are in square shape. )   

3. If you have your own design ideas with an image or icon that you want Henry to carve for you, please contact us first. You may find Henry's personal email address in the Contact-us page so you can send your design to get pre-approval.

5. Hand-carve the design on a stone of your choice.  The stone is NOT included in the price. You may choose any stone you like from our store, or send your used seal stone for re-carving.   

Here is the workflow:

In most case, your seal will be shipped within 7 days after receiving your order(*please contact us if you have an urgent need).  

Step One: You place your order of stone, carving service and red ink pad(optional) and send me your names or phrase information to be translated. Here is a good website that may help get yourself an authentic Chinese name: and here are 2 sites for a phonetic translation(Note: if the translation is longer than four characters it may not fit on a name seal.): and

Step Two:  I will communicate with you about the content of the seal including the Chinese translation, and then I will work on the computer to create a couple of designs rendered in Yin(negative) and/or Yang(positive) styles for you to review. 
Step Three: After you approve the preview design, I will carve the stone seal within 1-2 days. Your finished seal will be mailed to you.



Here is an overview of the works I have done for my clients. This eBook "a Seal Imprint Collection of Henry Li" is available for purchase or it is free with your custom seal carving service order.   


To see my seal design and carving videos please visit my Youtube Channel:

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