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Iron-on Silk Brocade for Dry-mounting 34W[Silk_Brocade]


Sold by yard (36"), these iron-on silk brocades are designed as decorative margins around the original painting in dry mounting. They are already pre-backed with heat-activating silicone film that is very convenient to use. Simply cut the silk into strips of designed size and iron at 180-200F(between wool and cotton) for 15 seconds to activate the adhesive.


34' usable Width(sold by yard (1 yard = 36").  We have five colors or patterns for you to choose from.


#1 Bronze with ice and plum flower pattern 

#2 Light Mint with flower vine pattern

#3 Blue Gold with flower and ice pattern  

#4 Silver with flower and vine pattern

#5 Butter with flower pattern. (Restock in End of July)

#6 Dark Blue

#7 Golden_Red 


Dry Mounting Scroll Steps 

Step 1) Spray the painting with a little bit of water;

Step 2) Iron the painting to make it flat;

Step 3) Back the painting with the silicone mounting paper; 

Step 4) Trim the painting into square;

Step 5) Attach the edge strips;

Step 6) Prepare the silk margin and the backing paper based on the total length;

Step 7) Putting together;

Step 8) Making the rims;

Step 9) Add heaven and earth dowels; 

Step 10) Add hanging strings and ribbon.  




#1 [Brocade_1_Bronze] $30.00 Quantity :
#2 [Brocade_2_Light_Mint] $30.00 Quantity :
#3 [Brocade_3_Golden Blue] $30.00 Quantity :
#4 [Brocade_4_Silver] $30.00 Quantity :
#5 [Brocade_5_Butter] $30.00 Quantity :
#6 [Brocade_6_Dark Blue] $30.00 Quantity :
#7 [Brocade_7_Golden_Red] $30.00 Quantity :
#0 [Small_Sample_Pack] $15.00 Quantity :
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