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Tibi Large Brushes with Thin Handle(4 varieties)[Tibi]

Four varieties of natural hair brush heads in nice 7/8"(1.2cm) ox horn ferrules and mounted on a thin bamboo handle. A brush in this design is known as "Tibi," or "lifting brush", for painting or writing large strokes.


Brush Size: 3"(7.5cm) long, 7/8"(2.6cm) diameter; Handle: 7"(18cm)


You may order all four varieties as a set or individually(see prices below)

1) Goat Hair Brush

2) Goat Hair with Wolf Hair Combination Brush

3) Bear Hair Brush

4) Wolf Hair Brush 



All 4 All 4 [Tibi_All_Four] $80.00 Quantity :
Bear Bear [Tibi_Bear-Hair] $25.00 Quantity :
Combination Combination [Tibi_Combination] $25.00 Quantity :
Goat Goat [Tibi_Goat-Hair] $25.00 Quantity :
Wolf Wolf [Tibi_Wolf-Hair] $25.00 Quantity :
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