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Yuanshu Bamboo Fibers Rice Paper (Large 27.5x54)[yuanshuzhi]

Sold in bundles of 10 and 100(prices vary according to quantity. See price list below.)

The name "Yuan-shu" means "first-writing,"

Used by the emperor in imperial rituals on the New Year's Day.
Made of tender bamboo fibers .

For brush painting and calligraphy. 

Unbleached natural tone.

Antique-looking paper. 

Ideally for classical style flower-and-birds, and landscape .

Medium thickness.

Texture is fine and soft.

Absorbent but does not smear that much . 

Sheet Measuring: 27.5"x54"

*Sold in bundles of 5, 10, 50 or 100 sheets. Buy more and save.

10 sheets 10 sheets [yuanshuX10] $22.00 Quantity :
100 sheets 100 sheets [yuanshuX100] $200.00 Quantity :
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