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Deer Wolf Hair Biff Brush Made by Master Xu Laosan[Lu_Lang]

Made by Mater Xu, Laosan, this specialty brush is traditionally handcrafted with a mix of the finest deer and winter wolf natural animal hair, so it holds more moisture and maintaining a fine point more easily than regular wolf hair brushes. This deer-wolf hair brush is well-pointed when the brush is held perpendicularly, and when the brush is held at a slant position, both tip and the heel of brush will touch the paper simultaneously to make solid side brush strokes.  You may use the thick heel for make bold strokes, or use the thin tip for delicate, fine works. As the inscription indicated, this brush is good for both Kaishu calligraphy and brush painting with its great flexibility and responsiveness.


Brush Size: length 1-1/2" diameter 1/2";Handle  length:  9"


These brushes are handcrafted by Master Xu, Laosan. The inscriptions on the handle says Lu-Lang Shu-Hua("Deer-Wolf Calligraphy/Painting")  and Master Xu's Name.


Master Xu

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