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A Student Value Pack or Starter Kit for Chinese Painting[a_student_pak]


STUDENT PACKAGE As Seen on YouTube! 



This value pack includes all the required items in the basic supplies checklist for my online Chinese painting class.



10x Mulberry Paper #1(30"x18")  
10x Unsized Single Xuan Paper (27"x18") 

10x Semi-sized Xuan paper (27"x18") 
1x Sheep Hair Flower Brush 
1x Sheep-wolf Combination Brush 
1x Wolf Hair Bamboo-and-Orchid Brush  
1x Rat Whisker Landscape Brush 
1x Small Weasel Leave-Vein Brush 
1x Piston Water Brush 
1x Wool Felt 
1x Magic Cloth 
12-Color Marie's Chinese Painting Colors 
1x Convenient Ink Cake


*Please note that the bottled ink is now replaced by the ink cake. To use it simply brush it off with a dampened brush just like watercolor pans.   

Please see "Basic Supplies Check List" for other supplies you will need.

Click here for online Chinese painting class information.


Henry's ALL-YEAR ROUND Online class is at, You may join at any time!  

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