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15-21 Video Lessons of Henry Li's Painting Class[L15-L21]

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I am teaching a year-round online class at  with one new class every month. Here are 10 HD videos available in DVDs or downloadable MP4 files(20 GB space is needed).

Lesson 15: Summer Fruits and Veggies ACEO/Etegami
Lesson 16 Part 1. The Basic Elements of Chinese Landscape Painting
Lesson 16 Part 2. How to Paint Willow and Other Trees
Lesson 16 Part 3: How to Paint Landscape on Silk
Lesson 17: Water Buffalo
Lesson 18: Boneless Style Flowers and Birds Painting
Lesson 19: Misty Mountains in Neo-Fu Baoshi Style Landscape Painting
Lesson 20: Red-crowned Cranes
Lesson 21: Disk A Peacock with Peony

Lesson 21: Disk B Peacock with Cherry Blossoms


As Seen on YouTube! Here are video trailers for your preview:



*The videos are also available on 10 DVDs, please select the options between Download(less $20) or DVD when you order.

**Class Handouts are attached as PDFs available for downloading (only) after purchase.  


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