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How to clean and care for Chinese brushes?   by Henry Li

Cleaning our brushes will keep them useful for a long time. The most important thing to know is that the hairs are held in place with glue so it is important not to use hot water or to leave them to soak in water. The simple answer to your question is to hold them under cool running water until the water runs clear, dry them on a cloth or paper towel.  Hanging them with the working end down so that the hairs do not become bent or lay them in a bamboo brush holder where air can get to them. To open the new brush that has been glued, your need not to soak it in water. Just use your finger tips to squeeze the brush in running water to get rid of the sea weed glue.  Do not put the little plastic cap back on as this will bend or break the hair. Even a good brush sometimes loses some of the hair when it is new.  You may use shampoo to clean the residual ink or color but it is not recommended to do it every time. Don't use conditional because it may affect the absorbency of the hair.   

This article was published on Saturday 31 December, 2016.
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