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Re: How to control bleeding on rice paper   by Henry Li

Hi Henry,  


Received my order of Mulberry  and Silicone paper. Thank you for mailing it so promptly. To let you know making up Shikishi style board was successful, it was very easy to do.   The Mulberry paper produced the soft moonlight effect I was trying to achieve although difficult to control, because of the bleed. Should I have sized it before painting? Although I must say it looks good. The paper is very forgiving!  Do you think Rice paper might be better for controlling spread of paint in future use for what I'm trying to achieve?  


Kind regards,  



Hi, Colin:


Rice paper tend to smear more than mulberry paper. To control the bleed, you may:

1) Use Alum water to size it before painting;

2) Use Sized Xuan paper;

3) Use Glue water;

4) Load the brush with less moisture and thinker paints, and move the brush faster when it's wet, and slower when it is dry.


Best regards,



This article was published on Friday 12 February, 2010.
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